League Of Legends eSports bets have been accepted by the bookmaker for several years. They are popular among betters, due to the simplicity of the rules and profitability. ESports League of Legends is a game in which two teams participate. Make a deal to win one of them to get a reward for a successful forecast. In 2011, Riot Games launched its own professional leagues, LoL eSports, a series of League of Legends (“LCS”) championships in Europe, the USA and Asia. Since then, the best teams have fought for the world title. In addition to winning bets, many games (especially LCS games) offer special lol esports odds on game hits such as First Blood, Baron Nashor or Pentacill, which can make bets even more interesting. In addition, most bookmakers have the opportunity to bet on handicaps during playoffs or knockout stages, which are played in the top 3 or 5 series.

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